Task Management

Task Management Trials

A wise person once said, “The perfect task list will make the work complete itself.”

OK, so no one actually said that, but given the amount of time I put into trying to create the ultimate to do list to organize my time, you would think that was the case.

Every time I think I have designed the perfect task organizer, I think of one more tweak to make it even better.  I’m fairly certainly I have about 50 drafts of task lists in my files from over the years.  Whew!

This all started MANY years ago when I took the training for Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.  One of the basic tenets of this program is to complete your “big rocks” first and fit the “little rocks” around those.

My very first task organizer was simply a big weekly calendar with 3 blocks each day for morning, afternoon and evening. The job I had at that time did include evening and weekend meetings, so I included all seven days as well.

This was my first version – Basic Block Scheduler.

At the beginning of each week, I would enter all of my meetings and required drive times (I was a membership director covering three counties so I had to plan for big chunks of travel time.)

At the bottom of the page, I would list some of the big tasks I had to complete that week and then note the blocks of time where I would work on them. It looked something like this:


This system actually worked for about 2 years as I just wrote in what I needed to change according to my needs at that time.

If I needed a list of people to call, I added that on the bottom.

Voice mail messages? On the back with notes about the call.

Assigned tasks from a meeting? Again, added on the back and circled.

The only “major” change I made was to print it off on colored paper so it stood out from the rest of my papers.

My system has changed many times over the years based on the things I need to keep track of as well as the teams I work with. Some systems have been digitally and some are still good old fashion paper. I will share many of these systems with you through the blog so you can choose what works best for you and edit for your needs. Enjoy!!



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