Working Mother

Morning Reality

Mornings are a special treat in my house. Everything is planned down to the second for maximum results in a peaceful way.

It’s SUPPOSED to look like this:

  • Kids put out their outfits and pack their backpacks the night before
  • My outfit is hung up, freshly pressed and accesorized
  • Breakfast is a delicious overnight oats recipe with healthy ingredients
  • We all wake up happy and friendly to each other
  • Everyone is focused and gets completely ready for school without arguments
  • The kids leave on time to walk to school and I am able to get to work 15 minutes early to prepare for my day

Well, we’ve all heard the quote about “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” (Robert Burns) Awry is not even the word we need to describe the chaos that happens in my house each morning.

  • IF the kids put out their outfits the night before, it usually is the wrong one and we have to frantically dig through our clothes to find “that one.”
  • Backpacks may or may not have been packed but they are suddenly missing.
  • I grab an outfit out of my closet, realize it’s not the one I want, and trade for a new one (times 3 or 4 depending on the day). It is never pressed – in fact, if it needs to be pressed, it goes back in the closet. Accessories – HA!
  • Breakfast is NEVER overnight oats as I usually forget to put them together. And even if I remember, the kids will suddenly develop an aversion. Usually, we are scrambling along, so they eat breakfast at school.
  • NO ONE wakes up happy and friendly. We have tried soft music, fun music, silly songs by mom, cuddles, licks from the dog, ripping covers off, tickling, and threats. At some point in the morning, at least one person is upset about something.
  • Where are your clothes? Did you set your clothes out? Are you dressed yet? Where did you put your socks? Why are you not dressed? Do you want to go to school in your pajamas? Are you dressed yet? I’m leaving in 5 minutes, why are you not dressed? Where are your clothes? (Repeat this times 3 kids.)
  • On a good day, all three kids do manage to get ready early enough to walk to school. However, we live in Minnesota. Yup, the land of 10,000 FROZEN lakes. Winter days are tough in the morning, so typically, I will give them a ride. Plus, more often than not, we are running late so we drive so they can get to school early enough to eat breakfast.
  • If I’m lucky, I breeze into work right on time. My dreams of relaxing while getting tea and sorting through papers morph into grabbing my papers and rushing to my first meeting.

Could it be better? Sure. Could I do more to help my kids? Sure. I’m sure there are any number of tips and tricks to make my morning flow smoothly. Usually, they are in an article with a picture of smiling children dressed in matching clothes with backpacks ready to go to school. Oh, and a mom who is dressed in an immaculate business suit, with a white button-down shirt, no less.

Well, that’s not my reality! And there is a good chance that it’s not your reality, either.

Sure, I could do more and/or better. But I have an issue with doing everything FOR my children as they will not learn how to do it themselves, nor will they learn the consequences of not doing it. And I LIKE getting to sleep at a decent time each night, so I am not going to stay up preparing overnight oats and pressing my clothes.

You are doing the best you can, Momma! And I would love to have a sneak peek into your chaotic morning as well.


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