Yes, I limit my kids activities!

Confession time… I am THAT mom!  My poor, suffering children are allowed to participate in only one activity per season. AND, during the school year, that activity can only occur one night per week. GASP!


Part of my reasoning for this rule is that I have three children and the logistics of organizing those three schedules is crazy, even with only three activities to get to.

Despite this rule, I still find myself planning out an intricate schedule for how to get everyone to every activity as needed.  It’s not every night we play this game, thank goodness, but it still requires careful planning on our part.

Another reason I have the rule of only one activity per season, is that I find that my children are mentally exhausted if there is too much running around during the week. If we spend our evening running from one activity to another, they have no down time and are overstimulated. This results in tantrums and sibling fights and “ain’t nobody got time for that.”

While my children attend a school that does not assign homework (yes!) we still have reading/work time each night. I find that my children enjoy sitting next to me to read or “get help” on their work. They don’t need the help, they just need to have me near.

Even with just one activity per child, there are still days that I cannot make it to all, or even part, of their games because I have another child to drop off or pick up. If we add more activities on top of that, I really won’t see any of it.

During the summer, I do allow them to join activities that are more than one night per week. For my children, this means baseball, softball and soccer. All three of them have practice at least two night per week. There also are usually two games per week for each sport. And then there are tournament weekends. For the 2-3 months they are in these activities, it is pure chaos! But they don’t have the demands of school on top of this, so they do much better.

Regardless of the number of reason, and despite the whining I occasionally hear, this decision has really been amazing for our family. We actually have some nights where we have NOTHING going on! We also have time to play with friends, visit family, and go on adventures.  We have “us time” and it is worth every “no” I have to say about activities.

Do you have a rule or guideline you follow for children’s activities?


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