Asking for a flexible schedule… again

The schedule for the soccer season was finally released and your child got the early practice. Your child needs to see an eye doctor and they are only open during your work hours. School conferences end at 6 pm and you have three teachers to get to.

It’s time, once again, to work your work schedule around your family schedule. What is the best way to ask for the flexibility you need for your family yet reassure your co-workers and supervisors?

Ask yourself the following:

  • Did you speak with your supervisor about the expectations for a flexible schedule, either during job negotiations or once you were a parent?
  • Have you repeatedly shown that you meet or exceed project expectations and deadlines that were set?
  • Are you clear in your communications about your schedule needs? When? How often? When you will make up the time or task?
  • Have you honored all previous arrangements for flexible scheduling?
  • Does this occur often enough that you may want to consider a permanent shift to either an earlier or later schedule?

Working mothers want to be BOTH a great mom and a great employee, and flexible schedules are an important aspect of that. We can honor our commitments to both work and family when given the opportunity to work them around each other.

What have you found works best when the topic of flexible schedules comes up?


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