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“Tell me about your decision making skills” (Mom skills that are resume-worthy)

As a mom, I do not think of myself as an expert decision maker. Yet, before I even start working each day, I’ve already made about a hundred decisions. (OK, this might be a slight exaggeration.)

Which child do I wake up first? And who will argue the least?

Should I ask my child to change her clothes, or allow her to go to school in her own mismatched way?

What can I wear that is clean and will stay clean through the struggle to get to school?

No, I can’t drive you to school. And, no, I can’t pick you up.

Should I put the chicken or the beef in the crock pot for tonight?

Yes, you can have a sandwich for lunch today.

Does this sound familiar? You are making decisions from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep. They may not be “million dollar” decisions, but they could cause a “million dollar” tantrum if not handled well.

It seems like a constant cycle of decision, after decision, after decision.

In your mind, you are quickly weighing all of your options and choosing the best one (or the one with the least potential for a tantrum.) You go through the pros and cons in rapid fire and are able to make the decision and move on.

Yes, decision-making is absolutely a mom skill that belongs on a resume.  

You may not want to tell the interviewer about all the decisions you had to make in order to just get out of the house, but you can feel confident in your ability to make decisions.


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