Working Mother

Working Moms are Role Models

There are times that I worry about the impact on my children of my work. When that happens, I search for signs that I have not completely ruined my children.

The days I am able to flex my schedule to spend more time with my children, it’s easy for me to see the proof I need. The smiling faces and hugs are all I need.

Then there are days that my work keeps me away from my children much longer and, if I’m lucky, I get to wake them up and put them to sleep. Those are the days that I need to see proof that they are going to be OK.


Yes, there are plenty of reasons it’s good for me to be working – the ability to feed my children is just one of them. However, it helps to read little tidbits like the one above.

The other reason it helps to know that my daughters will potentially earn more is that I spent 9 years as a stay-at-home mom so that was 9 years without investing in retirement or social security. I’m counting on my children to take care of me when I am older so I will need every bit of the 23% increase.


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