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Meal time is family time

47 Minutes! Does that include time to clean up? During the summer when we are running to activities, I’m certain that is cut in half. After all, most of our meals are eaten picnic style and on the run in the summer. However, our leisurely meals on Sundays are my own secret pleasure.

I’m certain I will hear all sorts of things about how family meal time is precious and that we should always eat together. It’s great for family communication. “You should really…” (Have I told you I really don’t like the word, “should?”)

Guess what, eating quickly on the run is how we manage to eat together. Whether it is a picnic on the side of the field, or even in the back of the car between sports, we are at least together and can laugh and tell stories all we like. We can’t always be at our table, but we CAN be together.



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