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Working Moms & Summer

You have everything perfectly orchestrated to cover all the sports, programs, and activities for your children. You even managed to carve out some time for a bit of quiet reading. Even better, you figured out your morning schedule so well that you even manage a hot shower!

Then summer comes and… BOOOOOOOM!!!! All routines and order tumble into chaos.

Well, that may be a bit extreme, but that is certainly how I feel in mid-June each year.

Summer planning typically starts in February when I have a sudden realization that there should be some kind of plan for my children so I can continue to work.

Where I live, spring break is typically an indicator of sorts for everyone to have their summer program information ready. Thank goodness as I am usually impatiently waiting by this time each year.

After gathering all the program booklets, family vacations, work commitments, and anything else that impacts our summer schedule, I sit down with a desk calendar and start filling in everyone’s schedule.

There are always a few things that throw a wrench in the works. While my daughter’s soccer schedule comes out in April and rarely changes (except for weather), my other daughter’s softball and son’s baseball schedules don’t. It’s not uncommon for me to hear about the practice schedule with less than a week’s notice.

Now that I know where everyone needs to be, I get to figure out who is going to get them there and how. We have some combination of practices and/or games almost every night of the week, so it is a very well-planned schedule.

(See what I mean – tell your boss how amazing you are at time and task management as well as delegation!)

Before we know it, it is August, which happens to be my favorite month of summer. Our summer sports happen to end at the end of July so the frantic schedule just disappears that quickly. Thank goodness, too, as we are all in need of a break by this time.

August is time for real picnic rather than eating on the side of the field on in the car on the way to a game. We get to sit at home all night if we want to (although we rarely do.) We can even get in a bit of a vacation if we like – gasp!




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