Working Mother

You’re a Working Mom if…

All of us working moms have some incredible stories about our daily life and struggles. Some are funny now and some will be funny in the future. This post is all about sharing those stories with each other. I hope you will share yours.

You know you are a working mom if:

  • You have an urge to wipe a crumb off a co-workers cheek.
  • You carry baby wipes in your purse, even if your kids are out of diapers.
  • You are the “go-to” person at work for knowing how to remove stains.
  • You tell co-workers to take a time out until they can talk nice.
  • Your cell phone rings at 3:20 p.m. every afternoon (or whatever time the kids get off the bus.)
  • When you reach into your purse for a pen, you grab a crayon.
  • Co-workers can count on you to have a band-aid, even if it has emojis on it.
  • You walk out of the bathroom with a big smile on your face because you go to go to the bathroom alone… with the door shut!
  • Your movie one-liners come from animated movies. (You’ve all said, “Let it go” at meetings, haven’t you?)
  • Grocery shopping alone is a special kind of nirvana.
  • The “fine art” in your office is the crayon variety
  • You have an emergency supply of makeup for those days where you forget to put mascara on just one eye.

Let’s hear about your working mom moments…


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