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Get working moms on your team

In a previous post (Smart business owners hire moms), I wrote about working moms being incredible employees. When moms are working, they are focused on being efficient and effective with the time they have so they can be with their family when the work is done.

Not only is it a smart idea to hire working moms, you want them on your team as well.


All joking aside, working moms are great team players at work. Not only are we just amazing women, we have amazing skills to share as well.

What makes a great team member? Reliability, adapts quickly and easily, genuine commitment, cooperative, and a few more than I am sure we can all list. For the most part, working moms have these skills down.

  • Moms are a reliable bunch who show up every day for everyone else. It only takes one late pick-up to learn that hard lesson.
  • Adaptability is key in the parenting adventure. While life throws curve balls, toddlers throw food and tantrums (sometimes both). You may have made great plans but if your child doesn’t agree, you have got to adapt on the fly.
  • No matter how terrific work and co-workers are, moms would much rather be spending more time with their children. If we are away from our children, you know that we are committed to our work.
  • Working moms live the mantra “it takes a village.” There are at least a handful of people on speed dial for emergencies, and you know at least other parents who can take the kids for a play date while you work (or get a massage.) And these other people know they can count on us for the same thing in return.

This also means that working moms will not have much patience for teams that lack focus or people on the team that do not pull their weight. It will be expected that others on the team are just as dedicated and reliable.

(Granted, you may watch as that working mom gently slides down into a comfortable conference room chair and savor a sip of coffee that is actually still hot, but once that moment is cherished, you will have a powerhouse on your team.)

What’s better than a working mom on your team? A whole team of working moms!


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