Working Mother

Serious work hours for working moms

A recent survey (found at Yahoo) showed that moms work an average of 98 hours each week – that’s 14 hours every day! And that’s an average so you know there are moms who are working even more than that!

(For just one second, I’m going to thumb my nose and anyone who rolls their eyes when a working mom arrives at work “late” or leaves “early.” Okay, thumbing done.)

While this probably is not new to very many of us, what I really enjoyed about this article was the list of life savers moms have:

The ability to hand over an iPad, take advantage of drive thru meals or turn to Netflix at any hour of the day or night are also featured on the list of top lifesavers a mom can’t do without.

Thank you!! There are plenty of ads out there with pictures of the perfect family who rarely has screen time and never goes through the drive thru for a quick dinner. This is not my reality, and probably not your either.

Yes, too much screen time is bad for you – I will not argue that. However, I refuse to feel guilty for allowing my children to watch a movie on Netflix so I can finish my paperwork by the deadline or even just manage to wash dishes in peace.

Yes, drive thru meals are a really unhealthy choice, but it’s the only one we have when we are on the road for three different ball games and there is only a thirty minute break for a meal.

Even better, I will gladly let the kids watch a movie while they eat their food from the drive thru if I can get some of that blessed “me time” that is referred to:

It follows then that the average mom surveyed manages just one hour and seven minutes of time to herself each day, if she’s lucky.

My sanity is worth the “risk” I put my children at by letting them have screen time and eat drive thru food. Between all of the activities my children are involved in, they are excited to have their own down time in front of the screen as well.

I was actually relieved to read this article as it portrayed the reality of a busy mom but didn’t seem to pass judgement at all on the choices moms make. Moms work hard all day, every day. No one can have it all; we all have choices to make. Sometimes those choices include a home-made, healthy meal, and sometimes those choices include drive thru.

I’ve seen and heard way too many comments that judge moms for the choices they make. Usually, those comments start with, “I would never,” or “She shouldn’t.” Just SHUSH!

Working moms have long days (and sometimes nights) and their task list is never-ending. Let’s recognize that we don’t know the full story and just support each other.

So, if you had to hit the drive thru today in order to feed your kids… GOOD JOB feeding your little ones!!


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