Working Mother

My Working Mom Failures Today

There are plenty of studies out there about which jobs are the hardest or most stressful or least rewarding, but I am convinced they all missed the biggest one of all – motherhood! Being a working mom means that, not only can you fail at mothering, you can fail at work, too.

Here is just a short list of the things I failed at so far today:

  • My daughters smoothie was just a bit pinker than her brothers so I obviously made it wrong.
  • I forgot that it was recycling day so that bin will stay full for two weeks now.
  • The email I thought I sent for work last night was actually in my draft folder this morning so the recipient didn’t get it when I promised it.
  • Creating my task list for today should have been done last night but I had to quickly toss it together this morning.
  • My group email missed a very important recipient and now I have to reassure her it was not a slight and that I’m not (completely) losing my mind.
  • I missed the first 20 minutes of my scheduled work time (I work from home) so got a late start.
  • The laundry that I was supposed to switch to the dryer last night… yeah… that softball uniform might be a little bit damp.
  • My summary report for a grant was rushed and I missed a couple obvious grammatical errors.
  • The dishes didn’t get done again… nor did the sweeping… or the lawn mowed.
  • I didn’t hang up my shirts right out of the dryer so the wrinkles are not going away.
  • The printer ran out of ink and I forgot to get more when I was at the store last night so those letters will be a day later than planned.
  • My meeting before lunch ran late so, instead of a nice meal at home with the kids, we ran through the drive through before my next meeting.

You know what… SO WHAT!!! Because here is what I was successful at so far today:

  • I made homemade smoothies for all three children for breakfast this morning.
  • My son is now convinced  that he is big enough to be in charge of putting the recycling out.
  • The person who was supposed to get the email by a certain time was still very impressed with the report I wrote.
  • Some of the tasks I thought I had to do today were taken on by my children so my task list is smaller.
  • The person that was missed in my group email was very gracious about it and we had a lovely chat when i called to apologize.
  • My son asked me to read with him so I spent 20 minutes reading about robots rather than starting my work.
  • The softball uniform was still damp, but a few minutes out in the sun meant my daughter didn’t even know it happened.
  • The summary report for the grant was in shared files so I was able to update the mistakes before it was even seen.
  • I don’t care about the dishes, sweeping, or lawn – that is not what my children will remember when they are older.
  • That letter that will be a day late will be even better now as I took the chance to tweak it just a bit more from terrific to AMAZING!
  • My children and I got to play an awesome game of war while we sat in the car at the lake to eat our food. I lost… but not really. 🙂

Forget the failures… I call this a VERY successful day!


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