Task Management

Task Management 6.0

As always, my quest to get everything so well-organized that it takes care of itself continues. After the adventure with all digital planning, I needed something new. I also realized that I needed to have some home things on my mind, even while I was at work. (How many times have you planned a meal only to realize you forgot to pick up an essential ingredient on the way home?)

When I made a mental list of what I wanted to be able to track, besides work tasks and schedules, I wanted to have a daily checklist for water and a spot for “don’t forget.” I started off with this free printable from The Confident Mom.


The first change I made was to take out the daily task list at the top with the daily checks. Instead, I just had a blank box to list my major projects of the week. The purple box became “Don’t Forget” with notes about home tasks. The green box became “Waiting On” where I could jot a quick note about who I needed to hear back from.

As I prepared for my week, I would look through my digital task planner, my email files, and my schedule to figure out what had to be done. On Monday, I will bring a note about different items I needed to pick up for home some day that week.

What I liked about this task management system:

  • I still could see a week at a glance for my tasks and projects.
  • My water reminders were at work as well as home.
  • If my tasks needed to be rearranged, that was easily done.
  • I only had to worry about the few home things that were on my list rather than try to remember what I had forgotten.
  • The back of the paper was blank and I used that to track my phone calls all week.

What I didn’t like about this system:

  • Even with the reminders, I still managed to forget things for home. I would leave the task list at work and promptly forget as soon as I left work.
  • The daily lists were not nearly big enough for all the tasks I had to do.
  • I needed a place to block my schedule for bigger projects so I could plan ahead for things that would need large pieces of time.
  • By the time the week was done, there was so much changed, moved, or scratched off that I could not see what I needed to still work on.

One of the main changes I main when using this system was to set a reminder on my phone for anything I needed to pick up or remember for home and family. I would set it to alert me 5 minutes after I was supposed to leave work each day. By this time, I would be in my car – a perfect time to be reminded about that pit stop I needed to make.

Another, seemingly, small change I made was to move to color coding for my tasks. Since I worked on a number of events and projects at the same time, I needed to be able to see how much of my time was spent in each area. If one project was not getting enough time, I would be able to see which projects were taking all my time.

Someday, I might find that perfect system, but then my life will change, so it will no longer be perfect. *SIGH*


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