Working Mother

Ridiculous Working Mom Images

Sometimes, we need to stop long enough to really take a look at what society thinks us working moms are really doing. Courtesy of this article from Working Mother, we can have a great laugh at some really ridiculous ideas.

There have been a couple of posts where I have vented about the overwhelming number of commercials with moms in white shirts (check out my post on pet peeves and morning reality.) I gave up white shirts, white pants, and pretty much white anything on the day my first child was born. Actually, it was the first day she blew out on a white shirt.

Let’s face it, most of what we own can be washed often and stands up to stains and wear. There is a good chance it is NOT white and that is does NOT require dry cleaning.

So, what is the deal with all the WHITE in all these pictures?!

Not just white shirts, but full white suits, white couches, white blankets, white, white, white. Really?! If a working mom owned anything white, it is either hidden in a closet or attic, or she wears a cardigan over it to hide the stain.

Then there are all of these pictures of completely unrealistic situations. Putting babies in a drawer, changing a diaper on a conference room table, or sitting on your couch (white) in a suit (white) holding your baby while you work.

Have I held my baby while I work on the couch? Sure, I have. Did I wear white? Did I own a white suit? Did I sit happily with crossed legs while I held the baby?


More likely, I was working in yoga pants and a t-shirt with my hair standing out all over the place. There is a good chance I put the baby to sleep and then laid him/her next to me on a pillow while I worked on my computer. Or even better, the baby wouldn’t settle so he/she slept on my lap while I worked on my computer on the arm of the couch.

Let’s be real – and get a real laugh out of these ridiculous pictures. You make “working mom” work for you in the best way you can.

If that means you wear white shirts, then more power to you. If that means you wear black, navy, brown or gray to cover stains, you go, girl!

If you need to work from your couch while you hold your baby/toddler/child, then more power to you.

If you have to flex your hours around your child care schedule, great job figuring it out.

If being a working mom involves very little white and a whole lot of chaos, then you are still doing a great job. Even if there are no stock pictures of what your life looks like.


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