Working Mother

Back to school hustle for working moms

It’s back to school time and we are certainly excited about that in my house. Thankfully, my children love their school and are ready to go back. I also love their school and am DEFINITELY ready for them to go back!

This time of the year is both a blessing and a curse for me as a working mom.

Kids thrive on routine, as do I, so it is just great that we are back on our routine that we have 9 months out of the year. (I really wish we did year-round school here!) We all know that for the next 9 months, our Tuesdays will look pretty much the same every week.

In addition to the school routine, we also have our sports and activities routines. Again, the same every week.

Summer is a nice break from routine and we enjoy doing unusual things with our time. My work schedule allows me to be very flexible so if we want to spend the week camping, as long as we have WiFi, we can camp for a week. Being spontaneous and adventurous is so fun in the summer!

But we are definitely ready to return to our routine.

So, what could possible make this a ‘curse?’

More chaos!!!

On top of the usual expectations, we also have to be ready for that return to school.

Where are all the school supplies from last year? Can any of them be re-used? What do I need to buy? Does anyone in town have any wide rule purple notebooks left?!

Oh my, why do ALL of your pants have holes in them? What exactly still fits you? When were you going to tell me that your gym shoes were falling apart?

No, you can’t stay up later. Yes, you need to get up earlier. No, I don’t care how late your friends get to stay up. Yes, I’m ruining your life.

Which nights will dance be on? What about the fall soccer schedule? Will it be possible to drop one off at 5 and then next one at 5:30 on the other end of town? And then back again to pick them up an hour later?

How much is the art fee? And the snack fee? And the uniform fee? And the softball fee? And the music instrument rental? And the fundraiser?

So, I guess what I am saying is that I’m ready for the chaos of summer to end and the “usual” chaos of school to start.


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