Working Mother

It’s a peanut butter day (a.k.a., mommy tantrum)

We’ve all had those days… the ones that we can’t wait to be over. Nothing is going right; everything is going wrong. Oh, and because we are moms, it is likely all our fault.

When I’ve had days like that, I usually feel so alone. The thoughts in my head are along the lines of, “Why am I the only one who screws up so much?”

I’m here to tell you that you are not alone.

When my children were very young, I was still primarily a stay at home mom. I did have a side hustle as a personal trainer, but that was less than ten hours each week. Now, I’m not saying that it should have been easier, just framing the situation.

It had been a rough day from the start. We were barely awake two hours and we already had changed clothes at least twice for each child for various reasons.

As the day progressed, we added spilled cereal, a clogged toilet, another diaper blowout, Technicolor skin thanks to “tasting” food coloring, and a spilled bottle of hot pink nail polish. I’m sure there was more, but “mommy brain” has allowed selective amnesia.

Having given up on lunch, I handed each kid a cut apple and a spoon of peanut butter. As I was cleaning up, the lid would not screw back on the jar of peanut butter. Take it off, try again, no success. And again. And…

The jar and the lid were tossed across the kitchen and into the dining room. I sank down to the ground right there in the kitchen and proceeded to cry as if the world were coming to an end.

The kids were entertained by their food and whatever video I put in for them, so I had myself a good cry over peanut butter.

But it wasn’t really the peanut butter.

It was just that kind of day. The kind of day we have ALL had.

It’s been a few years now and there have been many more days like this. In fact, my children and I now joke about whether we are having a “peanut butter day.” We can joke about it and get a good laugh.

But we also can be very understanding and supportive if one of us is having a peanut butter day. We all have them and it’s ok. Whether it is me or any of my children, we are allowed to have tough days. We are allowed to cry. And we are allowed to not be perfect.

So, cry over spilled milk (or peanut butter). You will feel so much better!


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