Working Mother

Missing the Stay at Home Mom Life

There are times I think back on my time as a stay at home mom with nostalgia. I forget all the tough days, hours, and minutes, and just focus on those things I miss now that I am a working mom.

  • Letting the kids climb in bed with me after Daddy left for work so we could snuggle and slowly wake up together.
  • Making homemade meals from scratch.
  • Going on a picnic for lunch as a last-minute decision and just grabbing good stuff from the fridge that was already prepared or purchased.
  • Going grocery shopping in the middle of the day when it was quieter.
  • Reading a book to the kids in the middle of the day as my children quietly nodded off to sleep.
  • Turning the kitchen into an art studio for the afternoon.

Of course, looking back now, I would fondly remember these things because I forgot those times when the kids painted my walls with hot pink nail polish, or squirted food dye on themselves and my cupboards.

Being a mom is tough, whether I am at home or at work. And even if I wanted to, I could not go back to that. Mostly because, well…


(Yeah, parenting teens is crazy no matter what!)

Do I still want to spend lazy days with my kids? Or picnic and play at the park without watching the clock?

Sure… but I also like having more money to take trips, or pay for the sports and activities they are in. And I like interacting with adults. Even better, I like working on a project that actually is completed, rather than getting messed up over and over again.

Besides, last time I tried to recreate a lazy adventure day with my kids, their idea of “fun” was much different than mine. There were a lot more bumps in the road than I remembered…

But then again, I managed to forget many of the stay at home mom struggles I had so maybe it wasn’t all that different after all.


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