What Started Not1Dress?



It was time…

I had spent years focused on raising my young children. I never thought of myself as a mom who would stay home with the kids, but when I finally became a mom, I just couldn’t imagine anything else. Now, my oldest two were in school and my youngest was not far behind. It was time to go back to working full time.

Even though I knew it was time to return and it would be a change, I had no idea what the change from working woman to working mom would bring.

What does anyone with big questions do? Google! So, off I went to find answers from the internet guru. Now, this is where it became really difficult.

As I searched for working mother, professional women, transition back to work, creating a schedule that works at home and family, or anything resembling these topics, I had to dig through pages and pages of fashion and makeup advice.

Don’t get me wrong, after years in yoga pants to keep up with my children, I needed to make some changes to my wardrobe. But I wanted real world advice from moms who had made the transition and how they made that work, and that did NOT include just fashion advice!

Years later, as my own career and family life has changed and grown, Google is still my go-to friend for answering pressing questions such as:

  • How do I juggle the schedules in both my work and personal life to fit?
  • How can I get more done in less time?
  • What is the best system to prioritize tasks and be proactive in my work?
  • How can I block my schedule to tackle my priority tasks?

Yet, I still find my search results filled with fashion and makeup tips. 

If I am searching for tips on how to be more efficient and save time, why do I have to spend all this time weeding through posts about the best makeup to go from work to nightlife? I mean, I’m a mom – WHAT nightlife? There has to be an easier way!

Not 1 Dress came out of this process.

As a joke, I started a board on Pinterest where I would randomly pin real advice for working moms. I quickly realized that I can’t be the only working mom looking for resources such as this. So, that brings us to this blog.

Hopefully, the tips and tricks I share here are as helpful to you as they have been to me. And if you find yourself in overwhelm, feel free to reach out. Us moms need to stick together!