10 Things I learned on my first day back to work

With all the planning and preparation I put into my return to work, there were some things I was not expecting:

  1. Getting ready for work is an entirely new challenge when kids are involved.
  2. The sound of silence is a beautiful thing.
  3. You will get funny looks when you bring chicken nuggets, french fries and a fruit cup in your lunch bag. (Man those things are good when they’re still hot, though.)
  4. A docking station is NOT where you park your boat. (Yes, technology changed in the 10 years I stayed home.)
  5. When I set something down on my desk, it will still be there when I come back!
  6. There is this little zing of power when you ask someone to do something and they ACTUALLY do it!
  7. Phone calls can be really fast when I don’t have to spend time distracting and scolding kids.
  8. When your children ask what you did at work that day, they really aren’t interested in what you did. Just tell them you conquered the world (you did, your world.)
  9. Don’t plan on doing ANYTHING that first evening after returning to work.
  10. NOTHING feels better than walking through the door to see children running at you with arms outstretched and yelling, “Mommy!”


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