Smart business owners hire moms

Moms are absolutely amazing – and I’m not just saying that because I am one. Whether a stay at home mom, working mom, or some combination thereof, moms everywhere should be proud of all they accomplish. Yet, here we are, trying to convince businesses that we are worth hiring.

Some business owners and human resources staff mistakenly believe that hiring a working mom, especially one just returning to the workforce, is a risk.

In my experience, I personally have heard people express concern about a working mom that needs to take care of a sick relative, getting distracted at work for family issues, leaving work early to take care of kids, and that working moms ‘lose their edge’ when they stay home with children. I’m sure I’ve not even heard all of the reasons.

Well, I’m here to tell all business owners and human resource staff to hire moms because, if you support a working mom in her work life balance, you will have a loyal and talented employee.

A visit to any mom blog will show you exactly why working moms are amazing. Have you seen all that these women do every day? Have you ‘walked a mile’ in her shoes?

First, the time management skills of working moms are typically stellar.

Juggling multiple schedules for children and partner, as well as all the other tasks moms handle is a sight to see. Get multiple children ready to go out, move them all to the vehicle without losing one to a tantrum, run 2-3 errands on the way to their destination (which, by the way requires unloading and re-loading all kids as you can’t leave them in the car), attending the meeting or whatever activity they were on their way to, stop at the store on the way home (have you shopped with kids before?), and return home, all before lunch and nap time.

Moms instinctively organize all schedules for the most efficient and drama-free result. Keeping track of one schedule at the office is cake for these women.

If you have ever had to deal with a crisis situation, you want a mom in your corner.

Have you ever had to deal with a sick child, a leaky diaper, spilled cereal, clogged toilet, and a missing pacy – all at the same time? Yes, these all sound fairly trivial compared to work deadlines, but have you been in this situation before?

If you have, you will know how stressful that really is. If you haven’t, hope you never have. There are definitely stressful times at work, but your working moms will come through for you every time.

As for moms who need flexibility for sick children, leaving for sports, adjusting schedules for appointments, and whatever else is added to their schedule – yes, this will happen.

For the most part, moms are typically the caregiver for their family, and that usually includes more than just their children and partner.  Think about it, who do you call when you need something?

Those employers who support working moms (actually, all employees) in their life as well as at work, are rewarded with employees who are willing to go the extra mile for them.

When working moms are at work, they are focused and highly productive – they make the most of their time. Do they leave exactly at 5 pm in order to pick up kids, feed them, and get them to sports on time? Sure! But from 9-5 (or whatever your schedule is) they are ‘nose to grindstone,’ as my own mother states.

Finally, the last point I want to mention is that a working mom will most likely be dedicated to your business and mission, rather than just working. Why would I make a blanket statement like that?

Let’s look at this from the mom’s point of view. When she goes to work, she is leaving her children (whether it is school or child care, she is still leaving.) I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to leave my children behind, it’s going to be for something I CARE about and believe in.

Hire a working mom and support her as an employee and mother, and you will be rewarded tenfold!


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